the blogger testifies 73

I was asked why the blogger testifies...hmm...right now my answer is: the blogger is nothing without the one she testifies about!
I testify that HE indeed makes me feel weak...honestly, I'm weak! For many reasons...not like I thought HE couldn't do it even with doubts of when...but I'm weak for reasons words can't hold.
The best I've been is a channel, a vessel...I've never been the one doing anything...HE's been the one. I may look like I'm the one, I may even have moments of thinking I'm the one...this is more than 'shoulders down'...truly its HIM. I hold no claims to miracles...I can never work them...HE does what HE does because that is what HE does! HE is GOD!
I testify that this past week...HE...HE...I'm lost for words...really...I'm speechless...this past week HE fulfilled HIS promises...not like HE was late...HE was, is and would forever be on time. I truly don't know how to put it in words...but this past week was a miracle...the funny part of it was that I just heard the miracle today...technically...because..." ALEWI LESE, ALESE LEWI".
Pardon my post being in hard terms but I'm in...JESUS is LORD!
I testify of this week, of HIS presence...stronger than this past week...and my cooperation too. I testify that...HE makes me feel weak...truly, I'm weak!

thank YOU JESUS!
weak: the state of being in a mood excitement and joy can't contain...the state that you want to say 'thank YOU JESUS' and walk away because you don't know what else to say and yet you know that is not enough. Still the same state you get to when you see things happening and you know/ knew/ saw something similar to it before in a certain way or state...(I hope you are not confused) This state can be a mixture of so many things...not just happiness but the pain that you can't fully express yourself to the LORD or even explain to people...its a state I love...because sometimes its when you want to say "HE has done it again! O ti se". The same state you want to speak a dialect you have no idea of or just cover your face in awe/ adoration...
(imma have to do a blog on this by HIS grace)

ALEWI LESE, ALESE LEWI: HE says HE does, HE does HE says.


  1. HALLELUYAH! To God be all the glory! Indeed I feel your state. Been there. May you continue to blossom in His presence. (Can I get an AMEN!)

  2. Amen!!! thanks Michael! :)


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