Fragments of truth XVIII

‘but then when the fish in the pond begins to jump up and down asking the fisherman to notice it, you know the fisherman must comply! Tolu, you must be very careful, even if you don’t get back together with Felix, don’t lead anyone into temptation! Er, Romans 6:13…just check it up. It explains about not presenting your members as instruments of unrighteousness to sin…just check it up.’ he said.
‘besides the fisherman must be wise so as not to let the beautiful fish distract him. Felix, take note. Yes she looks hot and you want to pounce on her…she isn’t yours until you are before the Lord and in the presence of the people! The person you are in a relationship with is a restricted pond. You must be certified to fish there. In fact relationship is not meant for play! I’ve told you these things.’.
‘now the fish has shown himself to the fisherman…its running away trying to hide itself. Becareful what you put on…both of you!’ he concluded.
That struck a chord…I may have been enabling compromising positions and wearing provocative things…then all of a sudden trying to go all consecrated on him…true…


  1. Done reading all of em...I await the next series. I love the incorporation of the bible verses in the story btw...:)

  2. thanks Vee!!! :) would continue now :)


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