Fragments of truth XI

I released myself, he was shocked.
“baby why are you doing this to me now?”
“common kiss…no, touch…no…fi mi le jo!”
He angrily walked into towards his car.
“ok dear, I’m sorry.” I said as I ran after him. Never had I done that to any man.
“ look, ok, yes, I’m kinda upset with you…I mean these things people receive them freely from…you know”
“wow! Felix! Well, we are not them. This is the first time you’re saying stuff like this. I’m sorry you are upset but you know my stand on this issue…I’m keeping myself for you…”
“oh don’t give me that crap!” he shouted. “ so if I love you I should starve myself ba?”
“Felix!” I said in shocked.
“Abeg abeg abeg”
“fine! But I’ld rather not open biscuit I’m not ready to eat! Its not only you that can get angry, I’m at the receiving end remember” I said as I walked away.
“shoot! Nice one. Because you know I can’t bear to see you angry with me ba? I’m sorry” he said as he entered his car.
“I’m sorry too…lets just flee, not run, flee from evil!”.
[fi mi le jo: leave me please]


  1. It's better to stick to your guts. Your thoughts on this issue are on the right track. I pray you continue to choose the right path.


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