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P4CM Presents I Promised I Wouldn't Tell! by Featured RHETORIC Poet J"O"...

after watching this, I totally have been blessed! I stand in awe, its almost the end of November, Halleluyah!!! thank GOD for this brother! :D

the blogger testifies 98

YOU are Alpha and Omega, I worship YOU my LORD, YOU are worthy to be praised!...I give YOU all the glory, I worship YOU my LORD, YOU are worthy to be praised!... I testify that I'm covered in blood. I testify of GOD's faithfulness. From someone I learnt that when I was against myself...HE was for me. I really am nothing but pencil wanting to be used by YOU...I'm ready LORD, make me ready for YOU! I testify that this week is a great week...I testify that 'you' reading this, you're alive to read this...I testify on your behalf that the LORD is faithful...
Few words: And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. (Hebrews 11:6) NIV. Have time for GOD and HE will show you HIMSELF...take moments this week to talk to GOD...oh, you may not hear HIM speak in a clear audible voice, but I can assure you HE will speak. HE hears, I'm learning that. HE's alwa…

a blog post...

HE loves me...HE loves me even moreHE cares for me...HE cares for me even more... The way YOU love me LORD...permit me to say, its better than life! I love YOU LORD...I'm grateful!

Da' T.R.U.T.H. "The Whole Truth" Music Video (@truthonduty @Xist_Music)

...when I was dead, revived my soul, takes the broken, makes them whole, takes the bound, makes them free, takes the weak and makes them strong, all of my sins, been erased, HE has lifted my disgrace, oh the joy, oh the joy, that JESUS would make me whole... :)

the blogger testifies 97

just to be close to my desire.I testify that YOU are, YOU were and YOU forever will be... I see the KING of glory working...Halleluyah! thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 96

Dear LORD,I'm grateful for YOUR HOLY SPIRIT. I'm grateful that I finally know that I'm not a Christian just because I don't want to go to hell but because I am a sinner and I accept YOUR death on the cross. I thank YOU for making me realise that I'm not living a holy life just because I don't want to be found wanting when YOU come but because YOU love me and I'm doing my best to love YOU. Thank YOU JESUS for this week, month, year...for YOU (LORD) and you reading :)

the blogger testifies 95

Only YOU are holy, only YOU are worthy, only YOU are wonderful.There is no one else like YOU, none can be compared to YOU No one who is faithful and ever true... my heart, my life, my love is YOURS LORD...let it be a testimony of JESUS name, Amen. I'm thankful for YOU LORD...for YOUR blood, for YOU FATHER, for YOUR HOLY SPIRIT. thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 94

Without YOU oh LORD...I am nothing...I testify that I am because YOU forever ARE...I testify that YOU have given me an opportunity no one can give me...I testify that even when I can't feel anything, I know YOU have been faithful and for that I am grateful...I testify that homes are going to be established only to YOUR glory this month, as within 2 days many of my friends are getting married...I testify that YOU have been faithful...and I know for certain, with everything, that YOU would forever be faithful! thank YOU JESUS for January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and now November...even for December and 2012, I'm saying thank YOU JESUS! May YOUR Kingdom be JESUS name, Amen :)