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on Luke 1:37

See eh, I'm here again to testify, that nothing indeed was and is impossible for God. You may not understand but this is exam period, and unfortunately I have not been a good and diligent student. But God had mercy on me. So much palpitations, really, little work I did...I went for my exam today because thats what I'm to do. I was unprepared...I want to do better and prepare better, but me, I learnt (am still learning) to trust God...that babalawo cannot do the work He can do...yes, that with Him...nothing is impossible, all things are possible. I appreciate Him because I saw favour today. It didn't have to be what I had read but He showed up.
Why am I writing this here? To let you know, that He listens, He hears, He sees and His word...He will never break. Why still? So that years to come I can see this and remind myself, encourage myself and yet still thank Him. For when I did not know what to say, He helped me, I saw grace today...and favour too. Thank You Jesus.

the blogger testifies

Let me not be, I won't be. I really am grateful to God. See, I had an exam last week. As I revised while waiting for the exam to commence, even if I hadn't finished studying, I was on a question...thoughts filled my mind, the probability of picking the question was 1 in 21, in fact, it became 1 in 100, 1 in a million, on and on...but then, that was what I picked...blindfolded but yet orchestrated. I'm really grateful. I'm here to say thank You LORD. No, thats not all...I'm reminded of previous exams...I really am blessed and I'm grateful to know God is my Daddy.
I'm singing 'twale by PITA', its on replay...Baba I twale for the things You do... :)
I trust your week is coming on this space...biko, still watch out...thank you :)

the blogger testifies

Hi, hope you had a nice weekend. How has your day being? Mine? catching up...its been a struggle but I'm learning to trust God. I testify that God has been faithful. He's helped me thus far, this time, I know He won't fail me...its hard to believe sometimes you know, but I choose to believe in Him.
What are you going through? Have you told Jesus about it?...I'm speaking to myself too. Have faith.
Have a wonderful, not an enduring...a wonderful, pleasant week

Happy New Year

Hi guys, I wish you a happy new year. From it being wonderful physically to it being a year when you will grow in HIM (Christ).