on Luke 1:37

    See eh, I'm here again to testify, that nothing indeed was and is impossible for God. You may not understand but this is exam period, and unfortunately I have not been a good and diligent student. But God had mercy on me. So much palpitations, really, little work I did...I went for my exam today because thats what I'm to do. I was unprepared...I want to do better and prepare better, but me, I learnt (am still learning) to trust God...that babalawo cannot do the work He can do...yes, that with Him...nothing is impossible, all things are possible. I appreciate Him because I saw favour today. It didn't have to be what I had read but He showed up.
Why am I writing this here? To let you know, that He listens, He hears, He sees and His word...He will never break. Why still? So that years to come I can see this and remind myself, encourage myself and yet still thank Him. For when I did not know what to say, He helped me, I saw grace today...and favour too. Thank You Jesus.


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