the blogger testifies

Let me not be, I won't be. I really am grateful to God. See, I had an exam last week. As I revised while waiting for the exam to commence, even if I hadn't finished studying, I was on a question...thoughts filled my mind, the probability of picking the question was 1 in 21, in fact, it became 1 in 100, 1 in a million, on and on...but then, that was what I picked...blindfolded but yet orchestrated. I'm really grateful. I'm here to say thank You LORD. No, thats not all...I'm reminded of previous exams...I really am blessed and I'm grateful to know God is my Daddy.
I'm singing 'twale by PITA', its on replay...Baba I twale for the things You do... :)
I trust your week is coming on this space...biko, still watch out...thank you :)


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