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On expensive weaves

Hi there, how has you week been? Hope great. Mine? Its been fine, thank you :) Thank you T.Notes for your comment on my last post. I appreciate you!
          Today I'll start with a picture post. This was (and is still) my thought on expensive weaves. I was in church service 2 weeks ago and the preacher said something about not wanting you expensive weave to get messy...nothing derogatory about weaves. Oh well, my mind went to these thoughts about expensive weaves.

Thats my post for the day :D Continue to have a wonderful week :)

Moving forward

Hi there,
Is anyone here sef? I really don't know how to do know, make a comeback. It's been 'forever' here. No, I didn't run out of words to say or internet service...I just didn't post. No excuses. I do apologise.
I've thought about why I'm blogging...for fame? applause? I guess that won't sustain me. I have a lot to say, sometimes I'm so full of this is it.
From poetry to photography and perhaps to music, welcome to my space.
                    - Dew