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the blogger testifies 124

I testify of His grace, His love and favour. I'm out here testifying not cos I'm the 'coolest' or I'm the 'best', but because of His mercies... that's why I'm not even consumed sef! I'm grateful for Him, for His perfect work on the cross...I testify that I can boldly testify that He is who He says He is in His Word: the Bible.
Have a happy week people!
thank YOU JESUS!

the blogger testifies 123

Even if I had all the time in the world...though I may even get physically tired but, that still won't be enough to say thank You...Aribiti Arabata...I testify that HE is who HE says HE is in the Bible...
Have a blessed week people.

The blogger testifies 122

I thank God for life, His faithfulness and love. Without I am nothing...for this I testify. He is God all by Himself. Thank You Jesus. A very happy birthday Dunmola at God bless you plenty dear! xx Hae a wonderful week people :)

the blogger testifies 121

My God, is an awesome God, He reigns. From heaven above He rules with wisdom and power. I testify that He is good, yes, He is God.
In other news: thanks Michael for the Liebster blog award. Have a great week people.