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Words and testimonies. Shout out.

I'm here thanking God for life. From sleep to waking up, for sanity. From friends to family, I'm grateful.
----------------------------- *climbs the podium* *taps mic* Is this thing on? Testing microphone 1-2 *organises self/dress* I will like to say a happy birthday to my baby sister from another awesome mother. You're a blessing! Happy birthday Reme! Jesus joy! :)


I have every reason to thank God. This is me today, me forever...I want to stay, I go stay because YOU are faithful. Five years ago I wore cap and was YOU, it is still YOU LORD, I am still grateful...forever grateful. Today was beautiful for me, its still YOU. Thank YOU.


the blogger testifies

Beautiful people, hi :) Let me tell you something, let me bless God with this...


PhotoFriday: HIS painting on my wall.

Hi guys, I've got PhotoFriday here. Have you been up really early in the morning? At those times did you look outside your window? Beautiful scenery I must say. I caught a glimpse of it some days ago and this is my account:

Just like a painting on the wall.

Have a wonderful, exciting and pleasant weekend :)

Blogger testifies + Cranial content (guest)

*does intro dance while 'Love on the radio by the Walls group' play*
Ijo!!! Thats right :) Hi guys!!!! sup sup sup? How's it going? Beautiful right? Missed me? lol!!! Thank you T.Notes for always know I appreciate you...and are congratulations in order? :D
Today I'm blogging on a double dose oh...yes, testifying and bringing some cranial content your way. This cranial content wasn't written by me but rather byKenny K'ore. He posted it on Facebook (this past Sunday) and of course, (because I concur) with his permission, its my cranial content for today. I hope you'll stay in context and understand the deep truth belted out.
----------- The blogger testifies  I know the Owner...yes, He who knows all things and owns the heavens and the earth and every single thing. I testify of His grace and mercy. I am a living testimony. Praise the LORD.
---------- Cranial Content by Kenny K'ore If its not good for all, it is not good at all.

Private jets…