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Today I'm blogging on a double dose oh...yes, testifying and bringing some cranial content your way. This cranial content wasn't written by me but rather by Kenny K'ore. He posted it on Facebook (this past Sunday) and of course, (because I concur) with his permission, its my cranial content for today. I hope you'll stay in context and understand the deep truth belted out.

The blogger testifies

 I know the Owner...yes, He who knows all things and owns the heavens and the earth and every single thing. I testify of His grace and mercy. I am a living testimony. Praise the LORD.

Cranial Content by Kenny K'ore

If its not good for all, it is not good at all.

Private jets isn't good.
Only few would ever be able to own jets until Jesus comes. If they tell you you're going to get one in Jesus Name, they just lied to you using Jesus' Name; they just set you on the rat race.

Imagine if every single christian in the world were to own a porsche ridiculous! Is that even realistic?, as it is, many major cities of the world don't have enough road networks to prevent traffic jams.

Billions in private accounts is a sin.
What's all that money doing sitting their in your account?????

Class system in the society is wrong, class system in the churches is an abomination.

Money is nothing. Meeting needs is everything.

To want to be like them (the rulers of this world), is the greatest demonstration of your ignorance, for which people perish.

The true sons and daughters of GOD are not to join the tyrany of the elite class, whether religious, political, or traditional.

We are to fight for the poor, the orphans, the widows, the sick, and the destitutes.
That is true ministry.

*****Please note about the private jet: The context is that; if it is unrealistic and foolish for all of us to own private jets, it is wrong for one of us to get one and put us all in the hope of getting ours.
#2: in a country like Nigeria, where the church's social contribution is little felt, if felt at all, it is misdirection for church leaders to be indulging in avarice.



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