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the blogger testifies 103

Words fail me LORD...but this is it:
For YOUR faithfulness and being YOU, deliverance and mercy, for YOUR friendship...oh, sometimes YOU make me smile that smiles can't hold it...
one word: HALLELUYAH!
thank YOU JESUS for its 2012...thank YOU so much for 2012 will not see our backs but we would see its back if YOU tarry...Help me be on track with YOU...
Nothing but praise! thank YOU JESUS!
Happy New year JESUS! Happy New Year people :)

the blogger testifies 102

I testify that HE loves me. I am grateful for all HE has given me.
thank YOU JESUS for coming to die for me.
Merry and Many Christmas people :)

The Halleluyah song

...nothing but praise LORD...nothing but praise...
...I'm nothing but the least of all LORD... mouth is full of praise to YOU...yet, let me be genuine praise to YOU.
I testify that HE is merciful...thank YOU DADDY :)

the blogger testifies 101

I testify that HIS mercies truly endure forever. For it is by HIS mercy that I am not consumed!
HIS love never fails.
I testify of life, I speak life and I thank HIM!
to YOU oh LORD be all glory, honour, power and praise in Jesus name, Amen.
thank YOU JESUS!

The blogger testifies 100

wow LORD, the blogger testifies for the 100th time...I testify that its clearly not by my power or by my might...but by HIS HOLY SPIRIT.I testify that today YOU hit us beautifully well in NCC Debrecen...with warnings, with new tongues, with grace to worship YOU...YOU hit us LORD and I'm sure we are grateful...I am grateful LORD. For the opportunity to know things, to be told things and see things been manifested, to be forgiven by YOU, to be called YOU child, YOUR baby, to have witnessed YOUR HOLY SPIRIT's power in action...Thank YOU LORD... What we want? More of YOU, all of YOU...we want it all LORD, forever. Be blessed LORD. Thank YOU for this... in JESUS Name, Amen. thank YOU JESUS

the blogger testifies 99

Yesu Na gode...
I testify today of YOU LOVE, LORD. YOUR faithfulness, mercy, touch...YOU and all of YOU.
I testify of life, health, YOUR patience, excellence, YOUR HOLY SPIRIT...
I speak life in JESUS name, Amen.
Have a great week :) Jesus' joy...
thank YOU JESUS!