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HE IS RISEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi people, sure the easter commemoration is going on well. Ok, so I slept off last night so I couldn't do this but its alright, I guess this was the time Mary Magdalene and the others went to the tomb to check our LORD and... we know the whole story.
This week the blogger testifies of GOD's faithfulness...yes oh, I will! I had tests and the results were in, they blew me off my feet! I passed beyond my imagination. I did not have to have the highest score to be satisfied with the miracles for HE said that though my beginning was small, yet my latter end shall be greater! I thank GOD for my friends, for joy and peace unspeakable full of glory. I thank GOD for my family and for everyone of you reading this blog because its by HIS grace that we are not consumed. I also thank GOD for the new month, so many great things are happening BHG.
Then to church yesterday, I thank GOD for the! Sermon was on point.
A wonderful week coming up BHG, and so many miracles to experience...I'll let you all know! I also thank GOD for my Uncle Tj whose birthday is today knowing that better things are to come. AMEN.
But this season, I want to add my voice by saying:
The fact that BABA nailed it (Colossians 2:14) tells me that we are to die for! HE not only nailed it (sin and death) by dying but HE disgraced it by rising and ascending! Who else has done that? Those who told us they were going to rise we have not seen their break-light. Its hard to understand but then when we do, we become mindful of how we live our life.
I respect JESUS CHRIST for the courage, taking the shame and enduring my punishment. Now I'm assured of a clean slate. Once more and like always I say...thank YOU JESUS!


  1. You know, you inspire me.
    Happy Easter....Thots

  2. oh you do too :)

  3. and He lives... forever more...


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