re: the blogger testifies 16 like this should have been somedays ago...mehn! everything is just moving so fast, gotta get a grip now!
the blogger says sorry this didn't come up as it should have. :)
So this week, the blogger testifies of life, love, friends, family...and you! Great things happening everywhere BHG and in my place of fellowship, NCC...its been awesome.
I also testify about a test and an exam that I ill-prepared as I was, HE showed up and the results blew me off my feet. Just too many things to testify about and sometimes I just don't know what to write. In all...I testify of HIS ever loving kindness and faithfulness.
Now Apples to cross is not only about the blogger testifying, I would love you to also add your voice and testify. Please do so by dropping a note.
Also, this blog has lots of stuffs (BHG) to drop but however...lemme blame it on education :) thats why nothing much has been done....actually that just one of the reasons.
Oh, things would normalize! Yeah, please do check out this Its a vblog by one of my classmates...awesome! And just in case you have never being to , , or even they are really cool!
aight aight....and like one of my favorite words:
thank YOU JESUS!


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