CALVARY THROUGH HIS HANDS (edited by Ikechukwu Ononiwu)

“Crucify HIM! Crucify HIM!” they screamed.

They had no idea what it entailed.

My LOVER took the shame and bore my cross.

HE could have turned them into dust

But HE thought of me and continued.

I can imagine how they crucified HIM.

They clearly would have torn HIS rotator cuff muscles;

The supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor and subscapularis.

The teres major too would have been displaced.

Deltoid screamed for help as all supply by the axillary nerve was cut off.

HIS muscles were all worn out before they got to Golgotha

But yet LOVER held the forth.

HIS fasciae became history

For though HE did nothing

HE remembered me and claimed my shame

5 Forints I cannot give HIM for this

For not even a billion and a second “trili-zillion” Euros and Rupees cannot buy that for me.

Then the soldiers hit HIM again

“Continue now, don’t drop it, do you think we have got all day?”

They said that to the KING OF GLORY…but HE carried the cross once more

HIS anterior and posterior arm was down,

Not even innervations by the musculocutaneous and radial nerve could do anything

Oh, HIS flexors and extensors too

With flexors and extensors weak,

HE couldn’t demonstrate like HE did when HE spoke the beatitudes.

Then came that soldier with the black eye…

He hit HIS ulnar nerve (right at the elbow joint)

Oh the tingle my LOVER felt

The synovial fluid from the bursae spill

But yet HE said “baby…imma take it all for you!”…HE winked at me

LOVER’s nose bled,

HIS skin was covered with HIS own blood

No cutaneous fat could help

You know they wore on HIM a thorn crown

All arteries and veins flowed with blood for the last time

Once again HE fell

And the soldier with the red star pulled HIM up using HIS torn gleno-humeral joint

I’m sure HIS subclavious muscle was destroyed

Oh, he stuck his hand in HIS axillary fossa…oh the pain

Lymph nodes compressed, no difference between the vessels in it.

Then came another soldier who struck HIS dorsal side

The whip slash passed from HIS trapezius downward

Rhomboid major and minor went down too

Once again the dorsoscapular innervations grew weak

Nerves down…they had some meters to go

But because HIS love is greater than HIS latissimus dorsi

When the thoracodorsal nerve messed up

HE still held the forth

Yet another soldier hit HIS ventral side as HE struggled up

Pectoralis major and minor and serratus anterior received it with grace

And HE fell down again

HIS pronator teres , pronator quadratus and supinator failed to work

Then Simon of Cyrene passed by and carried the cross

I breathe a sign of relief

Finally LOVER could catch a breath.

Then they got to the place of the skull (Golgotha)

As they dragged HIS upper extremity

I knew that HIS carpal tunnel with the flexors and median nerve in it where “in for it”

With so much strength, the soldier with the green laces shouted:

“Nail HIM!”…the people cheered.

Lumbricals and interossei, the retinaculi got ready for this…

HIS palma aponerosis shattered,

Median and ulnar nerve branches were pierced

Superficial palmar arch destroyed…

They nailed HIM to the cross!

Some hours later…LOVER died.

Drama filled the earth

Joseph of Arimathea requested that HIS body be buried

They checked HIS radial pulse from the anatomical snuffbox

Alas, HE was dead.

But then, LOVER rose again

After 3days as HE said…HE did not disappoint

Mary Magdalene and the other women went to anoint HIS body

They wept when they couldn’t find it

But then the angel told them “HE has risen”!

HE showed HIMSELF to the people

But yet the rulers tried to shut their mouths

I refuse to be like Thomas

Who did not believe until he saw HIS hands

The holes HE took for me!

Oh LOVER, YOUR love is forever

Unlike arteries, veins and nerves that change name

YOUR name remains the same

Subclavian, axillary, brachial are not necessarily the same

But YAHWEH, JEHOVAH, ADONAI…age to age you are still the same

These plexuses would pass away…but YOUR WORD will remain the same!

Thank YOU LORD JESUS…for I can boldly say:

“Yes, BABA nailed it…but then HE rose again!”


  1. Wow!!!!!AWESOME!!!!!!
    Certainly, "They had no idea what it entailed."
    N Most Definitely, So so so much adoration to the Lover of Our Souls!!!!
    *Hmm, clearly someone's studying/studied medicine.*

  2. awww... :)

    He must be so proud of you...

    Yes, you know the upper limb very well. Rub it in... :D

  3. @T.Notes: thanks..:) I'm actually studying medicine now...
    @cadaoh: we thank GOD!
    @Harry: thanks man...:)

  4. as in....hw come I neva read dis post all alomg? this is hawt!!
    I agree with Cadaoh..He must be so proud of u!


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