the blogger testifies 15

I'm still speechless people...HIS love makes me weak...confirmed!
BHG you all had a nice week. In simple terms I testify of HIS immense faithfulness, breath taking love and stabilizing effizy! So many testimonies I don't know how to put on paper...just no words to hold them! I thank HIM for life, love, joy, peace...for keeping you all and giving you all the grace to read this and me the grace to write this. For my family and friends, for fact, I thank GOD for everything!
I thank HIM for my friend, Tayo "Shawama", for another year, for fruitfulness...HE's been faithful as ever. So much to be thankful for, so many testimonies about to take place.
Beyond the norm "I thank GOD I don't have to sit in front of the mirror to eat my food"
thank YOU FATHER...I love YOU dearly and greatly.
thank YOU JESUS.


  1. fact, I thank GOD for everything! I'm with you!!!!!!!!Plus, its a beautiful monday. Thankful for that too;)

  2. oh thanks T.Notes and Harry :)


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