the blogger testifies 14

Imagine this is Sunday... :)

Hi guys!!!! I should have done this on Sunday, but anyway...I just have to do this before I go to bed.
I have faith that your week went well with many miracles. This week the blogger testifies of HIS faithfulness, for life, love, family, friends and! I thank GOD for keeping us and providing for us, protecting us and for HIS grace...mehn, we are so not up to it, but HE still loves us.
I thank GOD for my princi (principal...since secondary school, she's just to "darling" and I can't let her go!); Rev. Sr. Rita Hilda Omolara Akin-Otiko. Her birthday on Sunday, for grace, blessings, health and strength. For her family and all her people, for comfort even at this time when...well, I bless GOD for everything.
Then I thank GOD for my people that came back from Nigeria. My black bros is back!!!!! Actually two of them. Thank GOD for safety.
Then for this! I thank HIM in advance...I have faith for some miracles and I'll drop them fresh hot when I testify on Sunday.
And yes, Sunday Best came to Nigeria...apparently I'm just hearing of it, but I thank GOD for my friends Ekeng and Segun (Abraham). I'm so happy!
I've really been overwhelmed by the cross, grace and this song "Ko ma si " by Lara George. Its just awesome.
BHG, I'll pen somethings down soon. I realised also that "its impossible to believe that GOD cannot do the impossible"...think about it.
thank YOU JESUS.


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