Fragments of truth XIII

Hmm…so I’ld no longer be listed as in a relationship on fb…it is well oh!
The thought of the news spreading all over twitter has been in my head. The ‘eyah’s ‘ I would receive has been making me shake…but mehn! I’ld rather stand for God.
I had to tell my dad about it…dunno if his parents were informed as his mum still called me some days ago. Thank God dad wasn’t furious as I expected. He just said ‘the Lord will work it out for your good!’ Amen oh! Tope and Toye were (and are) a great support and so was mum. (and this woman!) Everyone seems to be saying it is well…dunno if that’s a new viral word! It sure would be well sha.
[ eyah's: aww's or sorry]


  1. lol.I's so annoying on fb.If u're in a relationship,they say "congrats,am happy for you",if you're no longer in a relationship,it's "eya, is well".they make it look like it is d beginning and end of everything

  2. The phrase "It is well" is gotten from scripture that says, "Say to the righteous that it shall be well with them, For they shall eat the fruit of their doings." Isaiah 3:10.

    Although, it is now a popular saying (and most people say it without tact), we must still reassure ourselves that "it is well."

  3. true...its well! thanks Jaycee.

  4. hmm! true! thanks Jaycee :) I really do appreciate this :)


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