6th year my life (6YML): Morning Glory..Or Lack of.

The past 4 weeks have been impossibly hectic. Waking up every morning at 6:30am is not my thing..or anyone else's. Morning people; if you know one, or you are one, consider euthanasia because you are the bane of society, you are contemptible and in fact we can not continue with you, but I digress.

Csiba makes me nervous. I consider myself a proud igbo brother. In my mind's eye, I carry myself with gravitas befitting of the land east of the Niger. Dr Csiba reduces me to bumbling buffoon. Today I forgot how to pronounce "Ischemia". I am completely unable to complete a sentence , irregardless of how brief without the use of ehn's, ahem's and likes accompanied by a steady flurry of inappropriate, superfluous hand gestures .
My journey ends tomorrow. D-i and the other members of our inept posey will continue to carry the torch for us (they need nursing signatures).
"I have 99 problems but nursing isn't one"

@kaiserVirtuoso . old soul in a white coat


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