6YML: 6th year....

Let's rewind to 5th year. From the first day, you are all excited about your final class year, from listening to boring lectures to neptun wars, looking for placements for 6th year but as soon as that is over, the real work starts and it can be overwhelming.

I initially had plans to finish by June but as they say "Our plans aren't always God's plan". So I have decided to enjoy the final year as much as I can. I'm halfway through the rotation but it hasn't been as interesting as these last 2 weeks of my Pediatrics rotation at a hospital in Nigeria.
From my first day here, I've been treated so nicely, introducing myself as Dr Oluwo just feels as good as the day I got my admission letter into Dote, and actually working with patients directly instead of just observing.

Abeg let's even put that to one side and let me gist you about this colleague of mine at this hospital . So that's how jejely I went to get a key from his office and my guy just looked dazed. As I returned the key, he told me to sit down and started asking questions. I kid you not, he said are you single? Lol see how I started laughing. Long story but I have a new fan 

I digress. Back to serious medical talk. I'm leaving here soon sadly and I'm definitely going to miss it. Malta, see you soon. Dote, ermm, till we meet again.



Neptun: our online registration system / Dote: our school (Debreceni Orvos Tudomanyi Egyetem) / Abeg: please / Jejely: calmly / Lol: laughing out loud


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