6th Year My Life (6YML):

somewhere in Nara

So I flew from Osaka to Istanbul and from Istanbul to Budapest today. It was a good flight, they had good movies, good food and I had enough space to stretch out while sleeping. The Japanese are super polite, that was one thing I noticed upon returning to the western world, the manners are totally different.It was easy to be polite in Japan because everyone is polite, but in Europe: not so easy. Still I smiled today, when no one was smiling, I consciously decided to say hello and thank you, I'm sorry, excuse me, even if it didn't matter to the people I said it to, and even if they didn't  return the courtesy because that's the right thing to do. Ahh I hope I can continue this way, I think life is much more peaceful this way, when people are courteous to others and give consideration to others.

My view of the osaka city castle



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