Cranial content: can I testify?

Me? I've been here oh. Just enjoying myself.
No, I don't want to neglect this blog even for a short know say na like that e dey start.
Can I testify? God, my God, our God...He has been good to me.
What am I grateful for now? My family, my friends, my friend, you.
I'm grateful because I can smile, I'm alive and well.
I'm thankful for you.
Let me ask you...what are you thankful for? Can you testify?

Happy birthday Meremubio, I know you're too young to read but just in case when you're older you come up here to see this, I'm saying happy birthday and sebi you know many people love you? You should see your mum's Facebook page now. Beautiful pictures as you're #selfieQueen. I know right? You're 2yrs today but you're amazing! xx


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