(PhotoFriday) Guys be like

     Hi guys, wonderful evening right? This is supposed to be an interactive 'Photo story'. No one was injured in the making of this. It was a 'spontaneous' shoot with little or no planing. Its 'Guys be like'. Just in case you've seen it, there's this cartoon drawing of a girl (I think) frying something with a shield. There's also a video of a guy making fries...one of those meme's. This isn't to copy anyone of them though but I realised my idea was also like theirs.
     For every picture is a hashtag of what I think would have gone with the picture. I'll be very grateful to hear your thoughts/read your own hashtag. I left space between my hashtag because I want it to be clear to everyone...you don't have to...just do the normal thing. This is just for fun...some guys can put anyone on their knees with their culinary skills.
    On this one, I teamed up with Ronald Allison aka Alibongo. He's a comedian and a student of public health. Enjoy :)
1. #waiting for the oil to be hot

2. #first of all put the chicken #save the face

3. #turn this stuff #boo caught me frying

4. #shifting things

5. #progress report

6. #signs of fried things 

7. #its getting fired

8. #is this thing on?

9. #say what!

10. #safety first

11. #chicken gatta go to the end #don't touch me

12. #its about to go down

13. #whats berra? 

14. #payday #the joy #I eat chicken like this #reward #fried stuff

('whats berra' means 'whats better'...credit: Kc )
Please do not try this at home.
Have a beautiful week.


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