Fragments of truth XXI

(Insert dance) I really don’t know why I’m happy but I guess its cause im trying out something new. Coffee in Nigeria ke? Hmm! We’re advancing I must say.

It was exactly 5pm when my door bell rang, thank God traffic was not that bad today so I was back, I had had a shower and was all dressed. Felix was at the door…always on time.

“ Hello!” I said

“Hi! Wow! You look er, really, great!” he said.

I knew he was trying to pick his words…lol!!!!!!!!

“ Aww! Thanks. You too” I said. And boy did he look hot…as usual. He sure does know how to work a common shirt! Chai! Ok…er, this isn’t my man…he’s my friend!...just a friend.

We took a stroll to Triangles, the place was lovely and the coffee was great. We chatted like old times, laughed about things of the past and genuinely, I thought I had forgiven him till he said:

“babe… I’ve really had a nice time with you today and I know that I’ve messed up. I threw away…er, permit me to say; a good thing. There were more than fragments of truth in what you said…if I love you I would wait for you…I don’t know how to say it again but could you…joo fun mi ni chance “

I almost puked on my coffee! I can’t say I did not see that coming but then…I just loved the friendship. I wanted more but…but…

“please, im just asking you for another chance. Like before, I don’t expect you to give me a reply now, please pray about it. I would too. I feel strongly that the Lord is leading me. Please take your time dear.”

I said nothing…I stared at my coffee and nodded. That was it for the night, I did not even have the strength to do independent woman and pay for my coffee…he paid and we left.

The walk to my house was quiet. We were both lost in our individual thoughts. Now we were at my gate…

“ Tolu you’ve been quiet.”

I bit my lips at the side…nothing to say. I thought I genuinely had forgiven…but some strands were left. I said nothing.

“aight dear! Thanks for the audience. Just want you to know…I love you…” he said as he walked away towards his car.

Gosh! Tears ran down my cheeks…I thank God he did not see them. He said those words like a baby! Innocently! Just like he said fresh fair legs 4 years ago. I wish I could run and give him a hug.

I love this man…Lord please heal me, help me forgive him genuinely.


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