Fragments of truth XXIV

...I was just playing with him! (in love sha)

“….so I would really want us to remain friends, but really I want more.”

He smiled…finally, a sign of life.

“I’ve prayed about it, thought about it…and I know this is also what true forgiveness is about. I know its not everytime that people get a chance like this, but I’m grateful to God for this”.

“thanks love.” He said.

Smiling at ourselves was what we did for the next 2 minutes, I had totally gone red when he held my hand close to his heart. Obviously by God’s grace, we are not getting into the temptations of before. Our love was once broken, but He did restore it.

We strolled happily out of Triangles singing Halleluyah. It was time to end the night. We had said our good byes and given the hug just as we used to share. He pulled his door handle about to enter his car.

“oh, one more thing I forgot…deliberately…to tell you”

“what” he said

“I love you…even more!” I said as I blushed my way into my compound.


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