Fragments of truth XXIII

Sweaty feet and hands, that happens when I’m nervous. He arrived late today…5 minutes past the scheduled time. For a guy that is always on time, he was so late! Apologies flooded my ears, he’s so courteous.

“I think we always begin by saying I look great” I said.

“but it’s the truth mi lady” he smiled.

“ Sha, as usual, at least 80% of the time and now, you look hot! And I mean that in the most Christian way” I said

“ thank you. You too” he said.

“you know you said I had fresh fair legs some years ago and added that you meant that in the most Christian way after which you hurried away” I said.

“are you serious? Mehn! Babe you do keep record of words sha.”

“ well, as long as they are nice words.I try” I said.

I could see the anticipation in his eyes, he did not want to bring up the subject. It was like I was the one to call the shots this evening. After going from pillar to post on other interesting and important issues which included the morning sermon, he obviously couldn’t hold it.

“ Er, Tolu. Its not like I’m rushing you or anything but I just want to know if you have considered my request..erm, what I asked you before”.

“I love…you..r baby face” I said as I sipped some coffee.

I could feel his heart beat! I really wanted to give him a reply but it did not come at that point.

“thanks dear” he smiled.

“ I must say I’ve enjoyed your company, friendship, everything. I’ve seen your growth and you’ve seen mine by God’s grace. “

“me too” he said.

“Hmm! I…about the stuff we talked about last week. Prayed about it and all.Lemme make it clear that by God’s grace the past is the past…like really! Ok, well…perhaps…er…ok, so what am I even saying?…Left to me, I would really want us to remain friends…”

He was mute. No facial expression, nothing…just there. It was like I had poured cold water on his hot head. At that point I rushed quickly to finish my sentence as...


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