Fragments of truth XXII

Now that was Monday. My whole week was…I really don’t know what to call it. I prayed and met with Pastor Matt who also joined me in prayers. I could see the joy on Pastors face. I went on a fast too. On Friday, the Lord spoke! He gave me peace and helped me to genuinely forgive Felix. Let go of the hurt and pain. He made me see that Felix was the David I had always prayed to have.

I saw Felix at the Oceanic bank on Friday afternoon. I still could not say a word to him, I just waved and he waved too. I knew he had changed, he had bounced back in the Lord, but this time I could see the spirit of a disciple, a man who genuinely loved the Lord. Not just his regularities in church, but his life spoke. Men of honor were around him.

Sunday service was great as usual. Abrahams craziness was the message title. Talked about swift obedience, blind trust and total submission to God for which he was rewarded for. Pastor said we are not doing God a favour…yes, true. We never do God a favour, we only do ourselves a favour by following God, by accepting Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross of calvary. Its like everyone is speaking to me!

As is almost always the case, Felix and I met up after church and agreed to meet at Triangles again, but this time, later in the evening…7pm. I spoke with Pastor about my decision. His wife, Aunty Funmi (I love calling her aunty!) also spoke to me……lots of encouragement that it was well. It sure is by His grace, Amen.


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