Fragments of truth XX

It seems I’m starting the sequence all over again. Dunno if Felix is trying to get back to me. That’s a hard one. I feel its bygone, its already 4 months after, although we are on normal friendship level.

Sunday morning after workers meeting I got a note: ‘plsI’ldlike to see you today after church’.


Service was awesome. God is faithful! Work is going on great. No guy yet in the building sha…but I’m so loving the single life. I feel so intune with God right now. He’s been giving me words on true forgiveness. When we can go back to the point where it doesn’t hurt…its as if it did not happen! Hmmm! Its well.

“ Hi Felix, how are you?”

“I’m fine thanks. You?”

“I’m great, thank God. I got your note…sup?”

“oh, its nothing much, but not something that I would be able to discuss with you at once. I…I just want to say once again that I’m sorry.”

“oh dear! I’m sorry too. Come on, it’s the past, lets leave it there”.

“ would it be possible to…er, for old time sake, by 5pm, er, to have a cup of coffee with you tomorrow?”

“coffee ke? In Naija!?!”

“oh my! Of course. Triangles just opened and I hear they’ve got good coffee. We could try it out”.

“ok, no p…I’m up for new things. 5pm it is…I know you keep to time.”

“I’ll come to get you…its even about 3 minutes’ walk from your house”

“Triangles ke? Ok oh…see you then. I’ve got to rush off…bye” I said as I waved.



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