Fragments of truth IX

Finally the project was successfully completed. He got back and at this time he really did not have time for church, more importantly: for God. I noticed and talked to him. Our pastor did too. He gave excuses; he slept off…obviously from a hangover! I knew he wasn’t womanizing but that was all I knew of. He had obtained a seemingly mild habit of drinking which we talked and even argued about. Thank God our arguments never see the light of day…ends after a few minutes! But then I had mentioned it, yes I loved him and so I told him straight up that drinking was a no-no, after all I had said that when he was in Ogun.
We spent little time together because of the demands of my new job, but each time he really did want to hold me. Of course I did want the same, I missed the endless quality time together but like my dad used to tell my mum ‘no be quality time we go chop!’. Mummy, a teacher, always complained that daddy, a doctor, did not give her as much time with him as she desired. They’re just a wonderful couple! Well, I did not discuss Felix and I with them, nah! No family interference had been our policy.
I wonder why I never finish my sentences. Memories! Hmmm! Sha, to hold or not to hold. This hot boy seemed to want more from me. You know how silent desires speak. But no! Even in his shirtless moments as he exchanged sweaty shirts for clean ones at the gym, I knew I was ready to wait, to keep the temple of the Holy Spirit undefiled. I reminded him. I’m sorry was all he said.
(filling in blank spaces: I quit my job before leaving for the Uk and got a better one on return…e ba mi ki Halleluyah!)

[e ba mi ki Halleluyah!- please help me shout Halleluyah!]


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