Fragments of truth VIII

before I rant today, lemme just say thanks to those reading this story. Please check out Yadamag and Jaycee...really great stuff always going on there.

Like my grandma would say ‘no be one day monkey dey use learn jump’. Gradually he changed…how? I dunno. My theory remains that his conscience began to die…he let it, probably ‘unknowingly’. Yes, because just a little indulgence…lemme just go with them, lemme just blend. Moreover Alfred, Ranti and Mayor attended the same church. Truly, not everyone that goes to church is a Christian, I remember we had that ‘conversation’ (it was almost like an argument) when I went visiting in the last month of his stay there. The conclusion of the 3 musketeers was that we (Felix and I) were too spiritual…we needed to loosen up!
My sugar banana hit the rocks! Things he normally would have had a problem with, he became indifferent to. The habits of his friends had not rubbed off on him sha, but each time I asked him if he had preached to them he said; “the Lord that caught up with me will catch up with them! He would restore them! We cannot help the Lord”.
It was the last month of his stay in Ogun when a girl tried to tie a pregnancy to him…oh mehn! You needed to have seen me! I was…I was…chai!But thank God for Jesus! The lady ate her words and said it was Ranti’s. I really wonder why she said it was his first. Its well. Case closed. For love, let sleeping dogs lie.


  1. It'a amazing how we choose to ignore some things because of love,it happens to everyone,even the most spiritual of us.I read somewhere that we should be around people that we would like to be like because somehow,their behaviour will rub off on us(best advice I have ever received)


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