Fragments of truth V

I thought a year would put a strain on my relationship, I thought we would not be able to make it. Being that for the three years together we lived close to each other. Our families knew about our relationship from the first year. My parents fell in love with Felix instantly, his parents did with me too. Whatelse did I expect, in my own world: I’m adorable ;)

Mehn! You know how elderly folks look at you during and after every wedding ceremony you attend. That eye that says; “you are next!”. We got plenty of that. But at 24, I really wasn’t so keen on marriage! Still young jore!

For the first time I had missed our anniversary, but I got a package and I sent one too. What it was? Sorry, I don’t kiss and tell J

Oh mehn! Pardon my manners, I cant believe we’ve conversed this long and I did not deem it fit to give you our profile. I’m first of 3 children, got twin boys on my tail. Parents live in Lagos just like Felix’s…but he’s the last of 5 children and they all are married…spoken to them a few times sha…really nice folks!

Anyway, its not about family ba?…lets continue.


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