Fragments of truth VII

Within the last 2 months I went visiting several times and he also came visiting too. But on one occasion, his friends were there. Alfred, Mayor and Ranti and two other girls. They worked in the Ogun branch of Planda industries where Felix was on a special assignment to. I had spoken to them on the phone about three times while in the Uk. Mehn! The stench of cigarette from Alfred was horrible. I just had to be nice. First physical meeting, first impression had to be outstanding! Next time I visited they were there with three other girls. It was after that day that I finally put two and two together that each time I had visited and they were around, they had different girls with them. With friends who constantly drink, womanise and smoke their lungs out…dunno, I just felt ‘no shaking!’. He seemed to have coped all this while.
Oh yes, I mentioned it to him that I wasn’t particularly happy with his new friends. He brushed it off saying nothing can happen, even Jesus mixed with the multitude. Besides he was attending a church there, although he wasn’t in the work force sha. Felix had been a believer right from his uni days, but then, evil communication does corrupt good manners…for real. He wasn’t new to people like that, but I still cannot explain what happened in Ogun state. He still maintains what happened in Ogun stays in Ogun.


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