Fragments of truth X

Wind blowing in my hair…I love!!!
Venue: Alpha beach / Occasion: picnic / Humans: just the two of us
We had a nice time gisting about life, love, God, forgiveness, Nigeria, earth. We constructively argued about his new habit which he was trying to stop…drinking.
“Mehn! Babe I’m so sorry I couldn’t call you last night”
“its aight! So sup?”
“mehn! Those fresh fair legs again…lemme touch jore!”
“guy! How far you now?”
“come on I was only joking. Haba! I can’t joke with my babe again…na wa oh!”
“ehen, Pastor said he’ld like to see you. I guess its about the thanksgiving committee thingi”
“kk. I’ld just go and see him now” he said as he stood up.
We had finished our little picnic and it was time to go. He drove me in his car to my house. As he was about to give me our usual parting hug, he held me tighter than usual.
“sweets! Your grip is too tight oh” I said as I tried to release myself.
“babe! You sef eh! I can’t touch you, I can’t even squeeze you sef”
“of course ni! You’re too close for comfort”
“haba! Come here jor” he tried to force a kiss on me.


  1. More! More!! More!!! the fragments are to small(short) joor


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