the blogger testifies 62

Your Love, faithfulness...who You are...You're awesome.
I testify that the Lord is our saviour, our help, the help of Japan at this time.
Jehovah, the God that never lies, never dies...He is eternity defined!
I thank God for life, love, family, Jesus, friends, church, you, me...I bless the Lord!
This song is on our radar here...the choir beautfully rendered just might be for you...
In all...this past week, I bless the Lord, He favoured me! this week, I speak life, the Lord has favoured me...even this whole year and beyond...He has favoured me...Haleluyah!
stay blessed people!
thank You Lord Jesus!


  1. Thank God for His mercies. Coming here really lifted my spirit.

  2. oh Michael! so glad to hear that. God bless you :)


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