on thanksgiving and closing curtains on 2013

hi guys :) See eh, I have so many reasons to thank God for as regards this 2013. Wow! The year has come to an end...I'm so grateful to God for life, love, friends...old and new, my family, my academics...honestly, even up to my exam this past Monday, I still saw the hand of God. I don't feel sooo excited at the moment, maybe its cos I have plenty exams and I need some good rest but I definitely am thankful to God.
                             Alewilese, Aleselewi, Agbanilagbatan Ose Baba!
Honestly, I'm short of words at the moment...this year was awesome, oh well, my God is awesome :)
Happy new year 2014! I speak life, health, wealth, His safety...but more importantly, a relationship with God...thats more than enough! 2014...Fruitful, Honoured...be open!
        ~ Dew


  1. happy new year Dew, so you speak yoruba? hmm nice.

    1. :) Happy new year :) if a few words qualify for speaking :D


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