The blogger testifies

'Power pass power, power pass power, power pass power; na Jesus be power'.
I'm looking at the songs that literally brought us over. These songs we sang certainly came from a place. A place of experience, a place of deliverance, a place of excitement: of miracles. What song should you and I be singing now? Jesus really is all we have got. God really is who we need and the One to whom we would go back to at the end of the day.
I want my life to be worth God's while (so to speak).

Today I'm here to thank God for ear muffs. A while ago I was out with friends and I misplaced my ear muff. It was saddening! I had had it for some winters, I had lost some but this one seemed perfect, it really was. Then as we went to the big store (Tesco) at the end of the day, I searched the small store where I had gotten it from years ago but alas, they didn't have it. They had others but that perfect one which hid my ears away from the minuses was not there. I asked God for it, to see and buy that type, I was even going to check another store. I think it was 2 days after and I was back to the store and I saw the exact type but now not black but grey and it was JUST 1 hanging there. They still had the other types but just one of the one I wanted! It's not a common type and I was really grateful to God. I really am, I bought it and actually for the times I've passed there and looked I have not seen that type.
So my ears are of so much value to God! I mean I knew but I needed to really know some more! The realization that something so little He took care of for me. Nagode Yesu! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord!
What has God done for you? Remember it...hold on to Him, let no one take that from you! He did it, give Him His praise!

Have an amazing week and a wonderful February.


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