the chemistry of love (preface)

'long day! phew' I sigh. Not like I had done some heroic things through the day, but the thought that I am back home is a huge relief.
Ok, so its Feb 14th and no matter how unconcerned I am about the day, (whatever mehn! why can't there be Rotimi day! :p) at least a call from Tunde would make a difference.
Tunde and I met way back in high school...but the thing between us started after college. Oh well, you guessed right, or at least you tried, Tunde and I are in a relationship.
Erm, why is this boy sending me an sms? where has shame gone to? (I love random questions, I'm sane, but I love answering questions in my head...after making them up of course!)
Ah! *is GOD's love selfish?* Thats what Tunde just asked... Something is wrong with this boy/man/male...human being!
But wait; is GOD's love selfish? Actually if something is wrong with Tunde for asking me such a question then I think I'm sick too.
I've had that question on my mind for a while now...
lets go there!!! :)
Poetically speaking:
Dear GOD...
I thought YOU loved me,
but its obvious YOU don't!
Because YOU not only loveD me, but YOU love me and will forever love me
There's chemistry between us LORD,
the elements being described in 1Cor13
Because even if I'm tongue talking, demon binding
yet without love...I'm over! done! finished!
I gain nothing.
YOU say LOVE is patient
just like YOU're patient with me
each time I fail YOU don't zap me off the earth
YOU say LOVE is kind
how else can I say this
2 hands, 2 feet, 4 nails...
YOU finished it
YOU say it doesn't envy,boast nor is it proud
JESUS is a living testimony to that
HE never rubbed it in our faces
wow! true that LORD, HE never did
YOU say it doesn't dishonour others
LORD, we say Feb 14th speaks love...but some folks just being dishonoured
YOU say its not self-seeking
YOU want me to excel, YOU want me to prosper
YOU say love is not easily angered
YOUR mercies are new every morning
LORD, this defines the chemistry between us
YOU say it keeps no record of wrong
Tunde still hasn't called me...for 2days now
but then the blood of JESUS has cleansed me...
YOU keep no record of my sins when I ask for forgiveness
YOU say love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth
we know what happens when a sinner repents
YOU say it protects, trusts, hopes, perseveres
Its true LORD, I see what YOU do everyday!
YOU're consistent!
Love never fails...
YOU never fail
YOU are love...oh yes, LOVE!
Prophecies, tongues, knowledge...pass a way
but LOVE never fails...because YOU are love.
the whole world knows LORD
YOU are love
just that some don't want to tell themselves the truth! :D

Ok, so I'm all emotional here...but thats the truth! HE (GOD) is love! I remember reading my devotional one day, it talked about some of the things GOD did NOT create. Yes, for example LOVE, because HE is love, thats who HE is,
its HIS nature.
So back to Mr man's question, is GOD's love selfish? Obviously no! I just expantiated after doubing the chemistry (material used in the reaction) of love. :)
'why? explain further, not just somethings we know' you may say.
Take Tunde and I for instance, we are in a relationship and we love GOD... we serve GOD and are in a relationship with GOD. So what does this have to do with the question? In simple English, Tunde and I being in a relationship means that he (Tunde) has taken me away...say from the 'clan'.
He can't bring another lady and say she's 'joining'us nor can I bring a man to do the same...but yet we (as the body of Christ) are in a relationship with GOD! And its a one-on-one (personal) relationship.
Lets say we get married now (we would eventually BHG ;) ) that means he has taken me...hence no man can have access the way Tunde it please? And GOD allowed this!
So who is selfish? the man that takes me all to himself or the MAN that actually owns me and allowed the man take me to himself? I really do hope you understand...
Thanks for reading people :)

*Tunde dear, but you know you're not selfish, but you are sha :)*
Language: BHG means by HIS grace.

SHARP DISCLAMER: this is a piece, it has nothing to do with me, so you can stop sipping the joyous fanta of asking me questions :D Twas done for Mr Kehinde, one of my personal persons :)
Next, the picture above is not to be reused without permission...thank you :)


  1. Lool at sharp disclaimer! U hit d nail on the head bbe. God is love.

  2. :) thanks :) truly, He's love :)

  3. OOh na, and I was sipping joyous fanta already. LOL! I've missed being here. By the way I love those two, they look great...toge ...ooops!



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