Cranial contents: Forever young

Hi guys, I trust your week has been going on fine. So today I'll be sharing a poem/rant. I like to least sometimes. I've got a lot of write ups either completed or just bullet points lying all around me. I'll like to share them and most times they are my cranial contents. From rants and opinions to poetry and stories, I grab a pen to lend my voice.
I did this piece some time ago at an open mic event in my school, it's titled FOREVER YOUNG. It's a short piece. I'm usually not one to write a short piece...some of my pieces are really long. This came to me while I was out to shop. It's either this song came to my mind or it was being played and I was feeling the vibe. This is not to be an insult to Jay-Z though. Enjoy the rest of the week.

permit me Jay-Z
#forever young...(insert song's chorus)...
You see I always had a thing for being young
I wanted to be young, forver young
like being childish and never growing up
not necessarily childishly running around headless
but being young while still making an impact
living young, and free
and young and free
and young and free
as if once you're old you're still not free!
You see, being young gave me the illusion that I would not be responsible
you know, for my actions, mistakes, and all that
but now, His grace,
in Tesco one day I realised I don't want to be forever young
like the LORD made me realise that those who are forever young
are those who die when they are young
ah! I want to grow old
I want to have grey hair
I want to be strong! I want to have to sit down because I am old Jay-Z! I don't want to be forever young!
thank you :)


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