the blogger testifies 3

I cannot deny HIS faithfulness, love and mercy in indescribable measures towards me...I thank GOD this week for my family and friends..for safety and health..for life and love...for everything...
I've been going through an examination mode and I know that this is one in which I have learnt a lot of lessons. BHG, in the blogger testifies 4, the lessons will be fully explained. I give GOD all the glory for my Chemistry was a success, HE saw me through it and I thank GOD for my Biophysics because HE has helped me thus far. I am done with one section of the exam and the other section equally matters and I thank and praise HIM in advance because HE will do it for me.
In all, this blogger testifies of the grace and patience GOD has with her...even if I stand in this place to praise YOU till the day YOU come it is not enough....THANK YOU JESUS!


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