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Hi everyone...ok, so I should have written this since yesterday, but great things happened...but now its here...BHG, the blogger testifies will be up every Sunday...I have been writing exams since, but that is no excuse for not updating this blog. So I'll just let you in on a little edited "inboxing" I did on facebook to a friend of mine..ok, so its not that little; but here we go...
December 17, 2009 at 4:20pm
...and oh yes., I guess I told u dat I ddnt get the Biophysics lab our GOD now....HIS AWESOMENESS gave me a 2nd chance...this tym, HE gave me what I wasn't prepared for...(the other tym I told HIM wot I wanted and HE gave me exactly dat...and I FAILED it!! as in 0/3) I said.."GOD, FATHER, I don't want Geiger Muller..I won't mind Light Microscopy again or any other...but not that...but then again...anything you want to give me...its YOU and me..."...and someone picked Light b4 me..and blood pressure...and next thing, the only one remaining and I picked it...behold it was Geiger Muller and I couldn't say no...but then it was an open book test, you and your lab note..u can write what u need for the exam there...oh men....u just have to read this...cos I am SOOOOOO GRATEFUL!
I was late for the Geiger Muller practice during the semester bcos I went for my medicals so when I came they had done the practical and I only had to help with the calculation...thats one of the reason why I ddnt want it... and behold the exam paper they gave me was the one to do only calculation..I sat down and tried to figure out what to brother..the LORD is great!...Oti poju! in, and after much ado...when the standard deviation refused to do..I realised it was not important..and ryt there, the HOLY SPIRIT taught me the in GOD personally taught me in the hall!!!!!! I was confused at first but I stood still..HE reminded me...and next when I finished...I took more than an hour when it was written .."you have 20mins"...and no one came to disturb me...I read the introduction I had in my note for the first time..and HE did not fail me...(I had doubts in my mind about doing the the morning I ddnt feel lyk reading for the test at all...but I said...I will least, to show myself approved!)...and even when it was not the man I wanted to ask me questions that was available...ah....I said I was ready to answer..d guy had failed some people cos they couldn't answer questions...but when he came to me...ah..BABA nailed it...he asked questions I expected...then he diverted, and in the questions he asked..the answers where hidden...and trust GOD now...HE helped me nail it!..dats all I can say....and the guy, lemme just give you a if he was pleading with me to manage it...and I needed 1 to get I got 2/3.....hands and nails my brother...cross effect...I know dis is a long epistle...but I'm just too overjoyed!!!! :D
any miracle...I fit blow out of proportion...cos its never small to me!
...thank you JESUS!


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