The blogger testifies: Jehovah, the God of 'setup'.

I am knowing You to be the God who can setup any setup because You want to do what I desire You to do, yet, according to Your word.

Let me tell you a story, a testimony. A while ago my elder sister bought earphones for me (thanks Lu), I wanted headphones but I didn't state it clearly and so the people who went shopping bought earphones. I traveled back home and my friend wanted the earphones, I gave them to him and I really needed a headphone...I probably told God about this and while in transit back to my school home, my brother gave me his Beats Headphones...I know! I never expected it! :) (thank You Jesus, thank you Be xx).

I know right? Such things I can ask for and He is mindful of seriously! Who am I? I'm grateful, like when I wanted a camera, He gave me, He just keeps using people. When I needed a flash for my camera, He gave me. 

Me? I return to give thanks oh Lord :)

What are those things that God has given you (perhaps, even new shoe laces)? Have you thanked Him? He sure is worthy of all our thanks :)

Have a wonderful week people :)



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