Photo Friday: Lungu's 7 things to do while on a flight

Hello people! How has your week been? I must say a big thank you to all those who check out my posts, share and like on Facebook. I do appreciate you all. I see your views people. Its pretty quiet here but I'm glad some people do like what I put up.

What do you do on a flight? Or even on a trip in general? Say you're sitting next to people who you don't know, what do you do? Me? I like to take pictures of the view, the clouds and even other planes (my fellow window seat voltrons please receive a high five). I also like to "make friends" sometimes or even, just have meaningful know, from their occupation to talents to Jesus :) So 114 days ago I had the opportunity of being on a flight and I met a nice young man (Chris Lungu). We had a wonderful conversation and I asked him to tell me the things he does (or will do) on a flight. I know! Its been forever and I should have posted this but here it is now.

Lungu's 7 things to do while on a flight:
1. Playing games
2. Sleeping
3. Reading
4. Eating/drinking
5. Daydreaming
6. Meditating
7. Music

That's all...

So what will you do on a flight? Here's what I saw two people doing on the flight...and a little of what I did as well.

Have a beautiful weekend and a wonderful week ahead.
Jesus joy!



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