Re: PhotoFriday- the Ark

Let me tell you a story, yes, a real life story. In the time when the earth was still "young", there was great wickedness going on...but there was a man named Noah that pleased God. God? Yes, God...the creator and owner of everything, God.

The people hurt God so much that His course of action was to remove the people, wipe the earth. Me? When I go through this story I'm amazed at how honest God is to leave the story there...that, is perhaps story for another day. I continue, still, there was a man named Noah.

As Noah pleased God, He (God) told him (Noah) to build an ark, it was going to rain. Yes, build an ark! God gave him the specifications and instructions; animals will be on board, 2 by 2...2 of each, male and female. Noah built an ark, he obeyed God. The people laughed at was definitely funny. An ark when we haven't seen such rain.

They got in when it was time, Noah and his family. And then, it rained!!! Just like he said, it rained. The people were shut out. And the flood covered the whole earth but Noah and his family were spared.

So thats just the synopsis of that historical story but I want to tell you something. Do you know Jesus came? Oh yes He did. He said something...let me "google'' it for you,

 "But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. Matthew 24:37 "

Still on that chapter (and further down after that verse), He told us to be ready. He'll come at anytime. Me? I want to be ready, to learn to live ready and to live ready.

Thats what I wanted to tell you about the ark. This world will pass, let Jesus be your ark. No one can be truly free from all the bad-bad things in this world without Jesus. When everything ends, of which it will, its only those who are on Jesus' ark that will be doing the happy dance. You know, its not that they saved themselves from the flood...the ark, Jesus, saved them from the flood.

You may be like: "nah, this Christianity stuff isn't for me". "I'm too dirty for Jesus''. Oh well, thats why He came. Tell Jesus, give it to Jesus and leave it there, trust Him to help you, He will...let Him help you. Those who get on the ark can't save themselves without being on the ark, without surrendering their safety, their lives, to this ark. That ark Noah built was with his hands, but this is not with your hands. Jesus is the ark.

I want to be and remain on the ark Jesus...I cannot do so on my own, daily I realise...all I need is Jesus.


See eh, I'm sorry I didn't post this yesterday. I have no words for me but "I apologise'' for you. I'll keep trying till I'm better, Have a wonderful week people. I'm staying on the ark, Jesus....are you?



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