The blogger testifies

I give You all the glory LORD, it's You alone that deserves it. For life, family, friends, health, wealth, love, brain and much more; I'm very grateful, thank You!
Hey people, how's the weather? How do you all do? I'm doing good...thanks for e-asking :)
This blog is full of apologies but hey, I'm sorry I didn't put up anything this past Friday. I had a blast though. Was "at sea" with my people...adventures through the day really. It was a holiday and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to chill and not think about getting my Friday 8am Psychiatry class stamps. :)
How did you spend your weekend? It's almost over sef. Me? I spent mine with my people and I chilled for some time today. Have a wonderful week people.

Thank you so much to all those who shared one Naira and one Million photo stories. I really appreciate you. So many views, I see you all! Thank you]



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