Photo Friday: One Naira...One Million

Szia people. Its me again :)
How has your week been? Mine...actually, I don't even know the answer to that, I just know that I tomorrow is Friday again for me (yeah, next Thursday is a holiday here and so they're adding Friday to it so we have to payback: next week Friday for this Saturday). Did I just hear you say nothing is free? Receive a high-five from me! Oh well, thank God for free things like salvation and oxygen and many more things :)
During the holiday I was opportuned to shoot this, its titled: "ONE NAIRA...ONE MILLION". Have  you heard the song by M.I ft Waje?
With the song in mind, I tried to depict a little one naira and one million. 
Permit me to take a few more hours on this one...but I'll upload it the mean time, you can listen to the song...makes brain right? Enjoy :)


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