the blogger testifies 18

This week I testified in my mind even if I didn't write it down, apologies :)
The blogger testifies of HIS faithfulness and dealings. HE said "endorsement" this year, its not been easy I must say...and its just the beginning! I testify of life, love, family, friends...and specially you (the reader). Its by grace we are still alive.
And oh...just in case you think I'm! I can't...I tried it and it didn't work. According to the world's definition of religious, NEVER! I've given up on religion on along time ago, I'm not good enough for it. But I opted for a relationship, then it becomes a lifestyle...thats what Christianity should be...and I think you should do the same too...
Well, so many testimonies coming up this week, next week and weeks ahead, and oh...I'll be sharing a testimony on the behalf of my friend Koye...real soon...(like next week!)...
Plus, Ofure; my bestie...your presence has been noted here... :)
The only thing left for me to say is...
thank YOU JESUS!


  1. Every time someone speaks about a "relationship" and not "religion" it excites me...

  2. @ Harry and Jaycee: thanks so much :)


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