Re: the blogger testifies 21

Tolu's right ppl...I was at my lazy peak yesterday!
But thank GOD I'm up...I testify of HIS awesomeness even if I'm undeserving. Truth is, none of us are. This last week came with a lot of lazing around and high moments of reading. I thank GOD for everything. Most of all I testify of health in mind and body because I believe that by HIS stripes, I am healed! So much in my head but I want to say I'm grateful to GOD for friends, family, blogs and bloggers, life...everything! I'm so grateful and I love HIM so much.
Jaycee has been here for a while dropping comments and I must say I'm grateful. A great blog too...(stuffs to read during the holiday!!!) Tolu's blog has also been swinging in poetry which is pretty great. Please check this out Me and Jesus...its awesome! Also Serendipity88. So much on this space called blogsville!
Its my own exam season now...its well...I'm banking on GOD. Everything is on HIM cos me...I can't do anything on my own. I'm thanking HIM in advance for grace to study and approval from HIM and also for success in all my exams.
I'll end this way...
even when I can't see anything, even when I can't feel anything
even when I can't hear anything, even when I can't comprehend anything
I have faith that YOU're there and YOU 're Word is YOU're bond!
have a wonderful week people...GOD Bless you!
thank YOU JESUS!


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