starting again + rushes (poetry)

So I have no excuse for not writing...for not doing anything on this excuse...but hey, we can start again...from anywhere ba?, yes we fact, yes we fit!!! Its been a long time since I did a write up and Harry's blog was a wake up call...totally can check it out here. Lets start with this, I may have shared this before...but I also have given this with special permission...the first half of this:

RUSHES: the burdens we share


The beauty that shines so bright
more than the diamonds in the sky
the beauty that the Bible says would fade
but yet yours is also within

Like an onion bulb is peeled
so with precision do I unfold my love for you
did she really mean the yes she said
was she just simply saying yes to impress

how do I make my mandate known?
how do I relate my vision clearly?
how do I Ecc 9:9 with her? (***ehh, in simple do I live happily with her?)
how do I let the others forget her hand?

how do I buy the things I need for her?
how do I flood her with only me?
how do I sit down and sing to her?
how do I keep your temple for myself despite your hotness?

by the did I even speak to you?
how do I let you know that I'm serious?
how long do I stay with you-forever?
how do I overcome the instance if I'm rejected?

but yet how do I feel when you say yes
how do I forget all the sweet trouble you put me through
how do I regain the time lost when you held my heart at first
how do I let you know its...forever!


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