Fragments of truth...4

hours...days...weeks...months... it's been 6 months since I met Felix. Smooth, suave, funny, nice, romantic, clean...those words don't do justice, he is it! From the guy who sat on that side of the church to the guy who now sits on my side of the church, the one who thinks beside my gorgeous eyes, I have a pair of fresh fair legs... :)

From that Sunday I made a friend, a special one at that. Talking, texting...MTN midnight call did a whole lot of good. We gradually grew fond of each other. You know how church folks start to call you an 'item' and a 'couple'. Disposition just sold us out jore! And then, we became a couple!
So he was not my first, but honestly, I did feel fresh. Not like I've been in over 30 relationships but an eventful 3 to me is a record. The last one was just a jailed one...oh yes, there was nothing I did right. He was controlling...thats enough sadness!
Falling in love is easy, staying in love is the main course. Our friendship was built on a solid foundation, not just church stuff but we both loved the Lord. However...distance! I gained admission to do my masters. For the records I read Business Administration in Unilorin while he did Chemistry in Unilag. Although he already had his masters, I waited for 3 years after NYSC. Distance became an issue although a few mails and calls did go a long way. I wish BBM had come out then!!! But we survived though. Through the cold, rain...oh how I love my pillow!


  1. awwwwh, this is so sweet. congrats to you, distance can really suck.

  2. Why am I just seeing this? I love it. You better share the link so people can read it

  3. Hey D-i, Well done :-). The slower I read it the more I enjoyed it.
    I like the way each thought unwinds in a natural unsystematic way, I like the subtle unforced humour too. I tried to get a sense of the speaker's situation, like:

    1. Is she an old person speaking to a group of young girls disillusioned with love? Or

    2. She might be writing a memoir? If so I'd like to know what occasioned her to do so.

    The first seems more likely to me cos there are some references which appear to be a comparison of two different epochs, like:

    "I wish bbm had come out then"
    "MTN midnight calls did a whole lot of good" (past tense)

    So I'm guessing an female church elder speaking to young girls in her charge about love. :-) Correct me if I'm wrong please.

  4. Couldn't help but notice SoldierAnt1590's critique, quite funny actually.
    Nice piece though. Continuity is ze watchword.

  5. It's getting more interesting. Will be looking forward to reading the next part...:)


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