the blogger testifies 35

great is Your mercy towards me...
Your loving kindness towards me...
Your tender mercies I see...
day after day...
I'm grateful and I testify...for life, love, grace, strength, help...for Jesus! I thank God cos I'm completely unworthy and undeserving of the love He showers me with, for indeed He daily loads me with benefits! I testify also of clothes, shoes and a new device (I just had to write that).
I testify that this is the end of the summer break...and the beginning of a new session, and that this session shall be excellent not only for me and my friends but for you also in Jesus name, Amen.
I testify that in the midst of the storm...He is still God!
Oh hi guys...mehn, I've missed reading blogs and blogging jore! So much to catch up on when I'm back...And please, once I can put things in order..."fragments of truth" continues... God bless you guys... facebook asks...what's on your mind...on my mind...
"dear Medicine,
I love love me...lets fall in love!"
thank YOU JESUS!


  1. gotcha ya..
    all the best this semester, u'll be fine.
    great meeting u for a tad sec. at least I know u now.

  2. thanks so much :)
    twas nice meeting you :)


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